Once the name Sri Lanka stood for a small piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean. But in the morning of December 26, 2004 a disaster without precedent came upon the country. The extent of destruction by the tsunami was enormous and even today many years later the traces can be felt. What remained are the choc and the big question of what will happen after this.

Many have lost their house, their property, their relatives and friends, their whole life perspective. We want to help these people, and especially children and young people, on whose shoulders lie the responsibility for the future, also because some of them have lost their parents.

The Serendib-Foundation was founded on February 17, 2005, shortly after the disaster. Because of generous donations, we could soon examine and accept projects. We would like to thank all donors in the name of the projects and thus also in the name of the children and young people in Sri Lanka. The structures of the foundation had to be found and the board has been newly constituted in 2006. With pride we can look back on successfully completed projects, which give children and young people in the often completely destroyed regions a new life and a new perspective.

The current projects progress well and we are happy about the positive reports from the regions. Information and photos of all projects can be found in the menu under “projects”. But for us it is not yet time to stop. Even now the situation in the country is difficult, particularly for its young and defenseless inhabitants. The foundation cooperates with the foundation centre “Kinderfonds” and guarantees all donors a transparent and objective work.

We continue our efforts to acquire donations, because this country and its people will still need our support for a long time! If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to introduce Dr. Kristina Eichhorst as a new member of the board. You will find a photo and short description in the menu under “board”.

Your Board of the Serendib-Foundation

Uriz von Oertzen, Elisabeth Fuengers, Dr. Marlies Salazar, Dr. Kristina Eichhorst